Dolphin Pro Economic T Top Installation Guide


STEP 1: Assemble the side support frame

Attach the lower half and upper half of the side frames using the bolts and split washers. Note the Dolphin logo faces outwards from the boat Note the 2XA, 2XB, 2XC, 2XD cap should be put at the accorect position as shown in the drawing.

Positioning of the side frame.

Distance from the centre console to lower side frame (1inch to 7inch) Check under the !oor for wires or other objects that could effect the mounting Place the lower half of side frame in the desired postion and mark as a reference Remove the side frames and Measure the distance between the front mounting position from Port to Starboard (side to side) Right this measurement down

STEP 3: Assemble the front and centre section of the top frame

Note the shape of the front section is narrow and also has a bend curve which faces downwards when attached to the side support frames of the T Top.

Note the lap joints have a number on the !at face match these up for correct installation

STEP 4: Attach the Side Supports to the Assemble Top Section

Check the direction of the side support arms Logo to the outside, handle to the rear The small curved top frame for the cover curves and bends downwards to the floor

Remove the tops of the ball clamps please NOTE the clamps are to be placed on the same way (they are numbered inside)

Find the centre of the cross bar on the top section mark this. Use the measurement you marked out for the postion of the deck mounts Mark this in the two cross beams on the top section that is assembled.

Attach the partial top section to the support frame ensuring all parts are facing the correct direction. (refer to pictures of T Tops for reference if unsure.)

(Note: Above dawing shows a Dolphin Pro2 t top)

STEP 5: Attach the T top to the floor of the boat

Place the T Top you have assemble on the marks you have made near your console Now you can pre drill and use the bolts and backing plates and lock in you mounting points NOTE: Check under the !oor for any wires or objects before drilling holes.

STEP 7: Attach rear section of the top frame to the T Top

STEP 6: Attaching the cover to the top frame.

Remove the cover and lay out on the ground. Note: there is a zipped front pocket which is zippered from side to side. Place this over the front section of the T top and zipper up now you can fold out over the rest of the top frame and hook over the back and zipper this section up and the velcro corner sections. Now you can pull tight the side section with zippers and velcro tabs.

STEP 7 Attaching standoffs to T Top side main frames.

Be sure to check and tighten all fastners and connections prior to every use Be cautious when towing or driving under obstacles, low hanging structures or trees Leave dolphin t top in the erect position when towing behind a vehicle Use soap and water to clean your tower. Avoid abraisive material that might scratch or damage the tower protective !nish. Always rinse and wipe down tower after contact with salt (brackish) water.

Dolphin T Tops warrants the product (not including other 3rd party accessories) against manufactures defects. To claim you must contact Dolphin T Tops or is Distributor. The product/part is to be sent to the Distributor for inspection where it will either be repaired or replaced. (unless otherwise agreed in writing) The customer is liable for costs associated in shipping the product/part to Dolphin T Tops.

Dolphin is not responsible for personal injury or damage to the boat caused by the use of the t top or any transport charges or cost of installation or removal of the t top. Dolphin is not liablity for direct or indirect or consequential damages resulting from delay or improper installation.

Warranty does not cover Anodised, polished or powder coated surfaces as well as any hardware corrosion they are speci!cally excluded as their care and use can not be controlled by Dolphin.

Warranty does not cover the spider coat gel cracking or damage from the installation or use of the t top on your boat. No dealer, retailer or manufacturer is the agent and may not assume any liablity in connection with this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all.

The construction of your boat, design, thickness of "ooring deck and walls and overall design may cause movement at the mounting points. If the construction of you boat causes movement at the mounting points or incorrect mounting location creates added pressure on joints increasing movement of the t top it voids warranty. If in doubt do not install the t top Check all bolts and parts prior to use, especially after towing behind a vehicle, lowering and raising after storage.

Do not stand, climb or jump o# tower, do not tow the boat behind a vehicle with the t top lowered. Do Not Ski, wake,tow tubes, boats or other watercraft from the tower. Watch out whilst moving under objects, such as bridges, low building and trees.